Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Belair National Park near "The Gums" Bed & Breakfast, Coromandel Valley, Adelaide

Another one of my favourite places, only 10-15 minutes' drive from "The Gums" Bed and Breakfast, is Belair National Park.

Late in the day is a beautiful time to be in the park because most of the people have gone home and it's not so busy. The raucous sound of birds is everywhere - rainbow lorikeets, corellas, cockatoos, miner birds and magpies.

Even though it was a crisp winter's afternoon the other Sunday, I was well rugged up and the brisk walk kept me warm.

Being close to nature gives a feeling of peace and really blows away the cobwebs.

Running out of time, I had to turn back to the Western Lodge but the colours of the setting sun were framed by the silhouettes of the park's trade mark gums.

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