Friday, November 2, 2012

Flourishing Relationships Coaching Weekends

Relationship Coaching — Presentation Transcript

1. Relationship Coaching Weekend
Flourishing Relationships: Retreats for Couples
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2. The services that we offer at Flourishing Relationships Retreats are quite unique and we believe they are different from anything else offered in Australia.

The Relationship Coaching Weekend is for all couples who wish to grow and enhance their relationship, reconnect with each other and resolve issues that may be causing some disharmony within their relationship.

Hilary and Fran care about helping couples to resolve their issues before it becomes too late.

We all go through different stages in life that can put stress on our relationships:

• parents spend so much time on their children (being a taxi driver and working long hours) that there is little time or energy left for nurturing their relationship

• children growing up and leaving home, commonly known as an “empty nest” situation

• changes in job or moving house

• retirement and how we spend the latter part of our lives.

A Relationship Coaching Weekend can help couples deal with changing life situations with grace and love.

3. What is unique about the Relationships Coaching Weekend?

• From the time you arrive until the time you leave, our focus is on giving you the best experience possible.

We want you to go home feeling more connected to each other, have a better understanding of each other and with the resources to help you continue to grow your relationship in your own environment.

We only cater for one couple at a time, so there is as much privacy as you want.

Relationship Coaching is tailored to the requirements of each couple.

• Bookings can be made for Relationship Coaching Weekends at a time that is convenient to both parties. We do not have set dates.

• Accommodation is in a private, exclusive and tranquil 4 star B & B at Coromandel Valley in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

• We are within easy reach of the Adelaide CBD and the Adelaide Airport.

Hilary and Fran are dedicated to helping you feel relaxed and comfortable during the time

4. Hilary Thompson MIICT Retreat Facilitator
Hilary is your Relationship Coach and facilitator.

She is a compassionate and caring therapist with a relaxed and friendly manner.

Hilary will be drawing on many years ofexperience to help you achieve the best possibleoutcome from this Retreat.

5. Fran West Retreat Host
Fran West, your host for this Retreat, is an award winning pilot, adventurer, author, photographer and motivational speaker.

Fran has created a peaceful, relaxed andcomfortable venue for our Relationship Coaching Weekends and loves to make people feel at home during their stay.

6. What to do now?

Email us today for more information about Relationship Coaching Weekends before it is too late !

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