At "The Gums" Bed & Breakfast you will enjoy the peace and tranquillity. It's so relaxing and peaceful that you may be reluctant to leave.

The delightful garden setting, with its mixture of native trees, shrubs and exotics, offers many nooks and crannies in which to just sit and enjoy and take time out.

If you're a bird lover then the many feathered visitors to the garden will give you hours of pleasure. Mini binoculars are available on request for bird watching and there's also a folder with information about the birds and animals visiting "The Gums".

You may even be lucky enough to see and feed the resident brushtail possum.

Adelaide rosella, Blackbird, Blue heron, Blue wren, Crested shrike tit, Crimson rosella, Crow, Currawong, Eastern spinebill, Galah,
Grey shrike thrush, Kookaburra, Little wattle bird, Murray magpie,
Musk lorikeet, New Holland honeyeater, Rainbow lorikeet,
Red wattle bird, Scarlet robin, Sparrow, Spinifex pigeon,
Spotted turtle dove, Sulphur crested cockatoo,
White backed magpie, Willy wagtail, Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

Blue tongue lizard, Brushtail possum, Gecko, Koala, Skink

To book, call: (08) 82706623, email: thegumsbandbcv@hotmail.com or use the BOOK NOW link.